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Mamadelo Art Gallery

Paintings. Sculptures. Postcards

Mamadelo art gallery was established in 1988 to serve Phemi Adeniran studio and some friends who were also artists. It was a home to a wide range of artists and artistic style. Spend your day admiring beautiful works of art in the gallery and make sure to check out our upcoming events.

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Phemi Adeniran is an educator and a multi-talented and versatile artist, who expresses himself in the material, medium style that best expresses the statement he wants to pass across. He graduated with a degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture from the premier art school in Nigeria. The Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos. Due to his academic performance, he had the opportunity to work with most of his professors on several projects. After graduation in 1986, he was hired by his head of department to work with him on some projects in his studio. 

In October 1988, He started Mamadelo Studio in Lagos Nigeria, where he executed several projects in paintings and sculptures. By the third year of Mamadelo, the studio started training interns, organizing seminars and exhibiting paintings and sculptures twice a year. Phemi Adeniran migration to the United states in the summer of 1997and he lives and runs Mamadelo studio in Carson California. He has participated in several art shows.

Phemi Adeniran has a Masters Science Degree and he is an educator of students with special needs.

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Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement
Our society is a complex society with a cacophony of clashing social-political, cultural and economic interest. Art mirrors life, since life is multifaceted. An attempt to reflect on it will naturally yield a myriad of thoughts, the beautiful and the ugly, the joyous and the saddening, the inspiring and the despairing, the palatable and unpalatable. The country’s situation should reflect in its Art.
The strength of an artist lies in the development of the mind. This enhances perception and also widens the scopes for creativity. The Artist’s ability to dominate his work with his being is important. Therefore, I try to make my art relevant and to serve as a tool for progress. To touch and inspire lives. To advice, report, record, and correct situations. To tend to act like a voice or a tool to improve the well-being of the community.

Our Exhibitions


March 24th 2022

Art Exhibition hosted by the the Lakers



December 7th-14th 2019

This exhibition is more about experimentation. Adding iron and brass into my Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures.


ART + ACTIVISM: Art of the Issues 2020

November, 14th 2020

Exhibition of works done during the 2020 lock down.



November 18-27, 2021

My art is the window through
which I visualize and share my new techniques that also reveal my thoughts.
The paintings exhibited here are some of the paintings I did during the 2020 - 2021 
Covid-19 lock down.

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Phemi Adeniran

My art has become the window through
which I visualize and share my new techniques that also reveal my thoughts.



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