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Spending Time With Art

Phemi Adeniran fell in love with visual art, especially drawing and painting, at elementary school at about the age of six. He was introduced to sculpture in his third year of high school by his art teacher who was a sculptor. He had special affection for it immediately. Unlike painting that is two-dimensional, sculpture is three-dimensional. He was really amazed that you can walk around it. You can add to or even take away from the material the artist is using to make the sculpture.

In 1981, he was admitted to study fine art in the premier art school in Nigeria known as Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos. He graduated with a degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture. Due to his academic performance, he had the opportunity to work with most of his professors on several projects. After graduation in 1986, he was hired by his head of department to work with him on some projects in his studio. 

In October 1988, He started Mamadelo Studio in Lagos Nigeria, where he executed several projects in painting and sculpture. By the third year of Mamadelo, the studio started training interns, organizing seminars and exhibiting paintings and sculptures twice a year. Mamadelo Studio has since metamorphosed to Phemi Adeniran Studio. Since his migration to the United states of America in the summer of 1997, he has participated in several art shows.

Phemi Adeniran has a Masters Degree. He is an educator and a multi-talented and versatile artist, who expresses himself in the material, medium style that best expresses the statement he wants to pass across. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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