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Artist's Statement

Forging Relationships with Collectors

The Artist’s ability to dominate his work with his personality is important. Inspiration can be triggered by anything. Therefore, the potency of an artist lies in the progression of the mind, this refine insight and also expand the scope for creativity. 

Phemi has a passion for social commentaries. He believes every painting or sculpture should be used as a communication tool that speaks to one’s conscience and not just an art for art's sake. His art has become a channel through which he visualizes and communicates his thoughts. He is a multi-talented and versatile artist, who expresses himself in the material, medium and style that best expresses the statement he wants to pass across. 

I believe in this phrase that says “It is true that art is considered a personal visual statement of an artist. It is also true that the subject-matter of a work of art which may be representational, non-objective or for that matter, deal simply in the realm of ideas and intellectual concepts, is of major concern to the artist. But because the creative act is multi-logical in nature, there is no single right answer, there are many. It is this recognition that allows each artist to choose his subject-matter, his media, his materials and his mode of execution. However, the interpretation ascribed to the finished product lies not only with the artist but also with the spectator” (Prof. Wangboge S I.)

Our society is a complex society with a brawl of clashing social-political, cultural and economic interests. Art reflects life, since life is multifaceted. An attempt to reflect on it will naturally yield a great number of thoughts. The beautiful and the ugly, the joyous and the saddening, the inspiring and the despairing, the palatable and unpalatable. Therefore, the country’s situation should reflect in its Art. I try to make my art serve as a tool for progress, change and to advise, report, record, and correct situations; To make it inspiring and to act like a voice or a tool to improve the wellbeing of the community.

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